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Boiler repair and replacement

The boiler is the most important component of your heating system. If it stops functioning well, you could be throwing money out the window or even endangering your health. Maintaining your boiler is a vital part of home maintenance. A yearly inspection can catch possible problems before they cause a boiler breakdown.

Some Signs that Your Boiler Needs Repair or Replacement

Of course, there are obvious signs that your boiler needs repair or replacing - like getting no heat at all from it. But there are also less obvious signs that may alert you to a problem before you're left with no heat or hot water.

  • If you see soot or discoloration on your boiler or nearby, have it checked by a plumber or boiler repair service.
  • Water on or around the boiler or radiators could signal a leak in the heating system.
  • If your heating bill is consistently higher than expected for a home the size of yours, your boiler may not be performing up to par. A new, more efficient boiler can lower heating costs by as much as a third.
  • If it takes a long time for your water to heat up, your system may need new controls.
  • Unusual smells when the heat kicks on is a must-act danger signal. It could signal a gas leak or incomplete burning of fuel that is releasing carbon monoxide into your home. Call a repairman immediately to evaluate the situation and repair the boiler if needed.

When to Consider Replacing Your Boiler

There are times when it makes more sense to replace your boiler than to repair it. When should you consider replacing your boiler?

  • If your boiler is more than fifteen years old, you'll nearly always do better to replace it. Your savings in heating costs will quickly make up the higher initial cost.
  • If it will cost as much to repair your boiler as it will to replace it, you might as well go new.
  • If your heating bills are consistently high, it makes sense to replace your old boiler.
  • Your local ordinances may require replacement of an old boiler with a new, higher efficiency boiler under certain circumstances. Your heating system professional will know the requirements in your area.
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