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Emergency repairs

Knowing what to do in case of a plumbing emergency can greatly reduce the damage to your property while you wait for a plumber to respond to a call for emergency repairs. Here's what to do before you call us for emergency repairs or while waiting for us to arrive.

Stop the Water Flow
If your plumbing problem involves a leak or burst pipe, your first step should be to shut off the water to the problem. You can do this by either turning off the main water valve for the house, or the valve to the particular appliance or fixture. Knowing where the water shutoff is in advance can save you scrambling to find it in the midst of being flooded.

If a pipe bursts or is leaking at the joints, shut off the water at the main supply. If you have to shut off the main water supply, you should also shut down your water heater to prevent it overheating. If you're uncomfortable doing either, call a plumber for emergency repairs immediately and follow any advice given you.

Blocked Drains
If a drain becomes blocked, you can attempt to clear it yourself with a plunger before calling a plumber. If a plunger doesn't clear the obstruction, contact a plumber; do not attempt to clear it with a drain snake or other device that could damage fixtures. Do not use chemical drain cleaners in a drain that is completely blocked.

Tap Malfunctions
If a tapdoesn't turn off properly, turn the water off at the shutoff valve under the sink. You can attempt to repair standard taps yourself, but always call a plumber to repair cartridge taps, which are extremely advanced and not meant to be serviced by homeowners.

We provide emergency repair service for all plumbing and heating emergencies.

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