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Dripping taps

When a tap starts dripping change the washer straight away. If not done, it is likely the tap seating will be damaged and the tap could need replacing.

Sticking Thermostatick Radiator Valves (TRV's)

Quite often, after the summer when you start to use your heating, TRV's will stick causing radiators not to heat up. This is quite a simple job to fix; first, remove the TRV head from the body. Once done, you will see a pin in the middle of the body - it is this that sticks. Hold the tip of the pin with a pair of small pliars and push and pull it up and down a few times. This can free up the pin and allow the TRV to operate correctly again.

Sticking gate valves

To stop gate valves from sticking they should be turned on and off once a year. When the valve is opened fully it should be turned back half a turn to stop it seizing in the closed position.

Mains stop cock

This is quite often located under the kitchen sink and should always be shut off when going on holiday or leaving your property unattended for extended periods. By shutting off the stop cock you minimise the potential water damage in the event of a leak or burst pipe.

Leaking over flows

When over flow pipes start to drip don't ignore them. It is usually caused by a faulty ball valve which is a fairly straight forward job to replace. If the problem is not rectified you risk damage to the outside of your property.

Pipe lagging and tank jackets

Make sure all pipes in the loft are lagged and tanks have jackets and lids. Insurance companies don't like to pay out if you haven't taken adequate precautions to stop pipes freezing.

Sticking central heating pumps

Central heating pumps tend to stick if they haven't been used for long periods of time. This can be overcome by turning the heating on occasionally during the summer months. If a pump sticks, it can be freed by removing the centre screw and turning the impellor with a flat screw driver.

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