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Power showers

One of the most common problems with a conventional plumbing systems is low water pressure, which makes for showers that deliver water at a mere dribble. The solution that most people opt for is a power shower. A power shower is a mixer shower that includes a pump to increase the water flow from the shower head. Installing a power shower will make your showering experience far more cleansing and enjoyable.

Is a power shower right for you?
Power showers can not be used with every plumbing system. A power shower can not be used with mains pressure cold water, an unvented heating system or a combi boiler. They may be installed on any low pressure, tank fed water delivery system, as long as the tank is set higher than the shower. In addition, if your water tank supplies several outlets, it should hold at least 50 gallons of water.

What kind of power showers are available?
There are two general types of power showers - integral and composite. An integral power shower has a built in water pump. A composite power shower uses an external pump which can be hidden away in the airing cupboard. Composite showers generally cost more, but are neater and often more powerful than integral power showers.

About temperature control with power showers
Power showers can be affected by water use elsewhere in the house, and so are subject to temperature fluctuations. For safety and comfort, it's usually best to choose a thermostatic power shower, or a mixer with thermostatic controls with a composite power shower. The thermostatic control will keep the temperature stable and prevent scalding.

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