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Unvented hot water cylinders

Unvented hot water cylinders provide hot water at mains pressure. Unvented systems offer many advantages to the traditional vented copper hot water storage system.

Traditional systems use a cold water cistern that draws water from the mains and feeds it to a hot water cylinder. The taps in the house draw hot water from the cylinder as needed. The water pressure and flow rate of the hot water is dependent on how much higher the cold water storage tank is above the outlets. In most houses, this means placing the cold water storage tank in the roof space. Even then, the water pressure isn't always as strong as desired.

Unvented hot water cylinders draw their water directly from the water mains. This means that water can be delivered through the pipes at a much higher pressure resulting in higher flow rates at the taps without concern about where the hot water cylinder is placed. Installing an unvented hot water cylinder for your domestic hot water use means:

  • Less pipes throughout your house and no storage cistern
  • No storage tank in the roof space leading to less chance of frost damage
  • Lower installation costs because of the compactness and fewer components of the water heating system
  • More flexibility in determining where to place your hot water cylinder
  • A wider range of choice in taps and shower fittings
  • High efficiency rating and lowered heating costs
  • High pressure showers
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