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Water softeners

Water softeners are one solution to the problems caused by hard water. The minerals dissolved in water can decrease the efficiency of plumbing systems. Limescale buildup on the inside of pipes can reduce water pressure and eventually lead to pipes needing to be replaced. According to some figures, limescale can increase your heating bills by as much as 25%. In addition, washing up, laundering and bathing with hard water can leave your dishes spotted, your whites not bright and your skin dry.

Water softeners are a mechanical solution to hard water that is permanently installed in your plumbing system. They remove calcium and magnesium the primary contributors to limescale - and replace them with sodium. Installing a water softener for your household plumbing lines will prevent limescale buildup in your pipes, which will reduce your maintenance and repair costs as well as your heating bills. It will also increase the efficiency of your heating system. In addition, you'll find that your clothing looks cleaner and your soap and shampoo lathers up nicely and cleans more efficiently.

Softened water is also kinder to your appliances that use water. Washing machines, dishwashers and shower heads all benefit from a water softener. The reduction of limescale that clogs the appliances will increase their lives and reduce repair and replacement costs for the machine. You'll also, not surprisingly, save money on detergents and soaps. Hard water reduces the cleaning power of detergents and washing up liquid, when you add a water softener to your plumbing system, you'll find that you use far less. The accumulated savings from energy use, repair costs and supplies will usually pay back the initial costs of installing a water softener within two to four years.

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